Coltrane Productions, Inc. is no longer in business, but we have left the site online as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of its owner and founder, Brian F. Schreurs.

In loving memory of Brian F. Schreurs, proprietor of Coltrane Productions, Inc.

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Our latest item is a story of a journey to Kenya to meet family and learn the culture, expressed in storytelling, drawings, and photographs.
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This site is currently divided into four major sections:

  • Car Magazines: We have an index of car magazine back issues that currently spans over 20 titles and over 4,200 individual issues. You can look for magazines by browsing indexes or by running a search query.
  • Books & CD-ROMs: Our core business is publishing, and in this section you'll find our wide variety of book and CD-ROM publications.
  • Gamer's Corner: We got our start by publishing a role-playing game, and to this day we're interested in supporting the gamer community. This section covers all of our gaming supplies.
  • Car Stuff: Basically, we love cars. We have a few interesting accessories for your car, and this section presents them.

Cheap stuff! Things under a five-spot:

Modify the snot out of your SN95 Mustang with our book, SN95 Mustang Upgrades!
We've expanded our lineup of Dragon Coins to include silver and copper pieces in addition to our classic gold pieces! Also check out our new d20 adventure module Great Goblin!